Student Fundraising

The Withers PTA Fall Fundraiser is centered around engaging students in healthy activities including the Withers Wildcat Prowl and the Training for the Prowl program. There will be no wrapping paper, there will be no cookie dough to deliver, just running fun, prizes and raising funds!  The goal is to raise $50,000.

Fundraising Instructions: 

There are 2 easy ways to raise/collect money for Withers:

1.)   Donation Forms

2.)  Online Donations

Click here to set up your student fundraising webpage.

After completing the webpage, you can share a link to this page via email.  Send out this email to everyone you would like to have contribute online.  With a simple click to a link in this email, grandma, your coworker, or your neighbor can donate.

 Need help setting up your website?  Click here for a short “How To”  set of instructions.