Where can I send specific questions?

Email withersprowl@gmail.com

Are the PROWL and the STUDENT FUNDRAISER the same thing?

Yes and no. Both the Prowl and the Fundraiser benefit the same thing (Withers Elementary by means of the Withers PTA). And they happen simultaneously. However, money you "raise" by recruiting friends/family to run with you does not count toward your student fundraising total.

How do my donations benefit the school?

The PTA is able to allocate the money donated through the Prowl and Student Fundraiser to activities and resources that directly benefit the students at Withers. From exciting field trips to classroom needs that exceed the budget allotted by the District, the PTA uses your generous donations to ensure that Withers students have everything they need for optimal learning.

When and where do I turn in my Fundraising Kit?

Please bring your fundraiser kit back to your homeroom teacher on or before FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd for all of your collected donations to count towards your prize total.

When and where can I pick-up my race packet after I've registered?

Your race packet will contain your bib number, a timing chip to tie onto your shoe, and a race tee shirt. Packet pick-up will be at Withers Elementary on the following days:
Friday, October 1st from 3:15pm-7pm
Saturday, October 2nd from 7am to 8:30am
The sooner you pick up your packet, the better guarantee that you’ll get the shirt size you want, so don’t wait until the last minute!

There will be a table set up outside the front doors with volunteers who can help you register on-site.

Do my friends and family who register to run the race count toward my prize total?


When is the race and when should I be there?

The 2021 WITHERS PROWL is happening on SATURDAY October 2, 2021. Runners should  be on site by 8:45 and to the starting line by 9am to warm up. The race will start promptly at 9:15am. Please line up with 5K runners in the front and Fun Runners behind.

Can I ride a bike through the race?


Can I push my kid in a stroller?

Yes. However, if you have a child who will spend any amount of the race in a stroller, please DO NOT ATTACH A CHIP to them or the stroller. Simply turn the chip back in and let us know you won't be needing it.

How important is it that I match each runner in my family with the exact chip they were assigned?

VERY important. If a dad is wearing the chip of his 2nd grade son and runs a 15 minute 5K, the race software will recognize the 2nd grader as the category winner. Meanwhile, the son actually crosses the finish line after walking the whole thing and "beats" all of his peers who whizzed by him earlier in the race. We want to make sure we get it right so please help us by making sure every member of your family is wearing "their" chip.

After the race, should I throw my chip away?

We'd love if you'd donate your chip back for next year's race! Each chip has a value of $2 and, with 700 runners, that adds up. We will have volunteers circling the finish line with scissors and buckets, helping to collect chips after you finish.

How will I know if I won an award?

We will be announcing category winners starting at 10:30am. Stick around, enjoy the Dad's Club Carnival, and see if you're taking home any hardware!