Upload Your Pictures by 4/30!

We are in the process of putting together the yearbook for the very unique 2020-2021 school year, and we need your photos!

Use the links below (organized by category) to upload your pictures. If you need some inspiration, click on the link to see the photos that have already been uploaded for each category.

You can upload pics directly from your phone, and the quality will be great. However, please DO NOT copy and paste photos from Facebook as the quality will be low.


Distance Learning

We all started this year with 5 weeks of learning from home... and some of our friends stayed home longer.  While it may not have been everyone's favorite part of this school year it is pretty significant to our memories of the 2020-2021 school year. Send us pics of your kids at their computers, screenshots of zoom, etc.

School Clubs (Teacher Provided)

Group Photos (or individual photos of kids and teachers in the group)


This year Withers' Families went the "Social" Distance... for the Prowl.  There were so many great pics posted to the Facebook after the Prowl, but we can't copy and use them because of quality.  Please upload pics of your family and friends running the Prowl!

Mask up!

No yearbook from 2020-2021 would truly capture the memories we've made without pics of kids wearing masks and shields.

Halloween/School Book Character

Costume and dress-up pictures

Holiday Party / PJs

Parents, we are looking for any pics you have of the Dad's Club at carpool drop-off and of your kids in their Christmas PJs on the way to school.

Teachers, we'd love any class party pictures!


Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse! Whatever you choose to call it, it was a pretty significant event that deserves some recognition as we look back on this school year. Please submit photos of your kids playing in the snow, your families huddled up around a fireplace, etc. and if anyone has a picture of the school itself in the height of the snow, you'll be our MVP!!

Dr. Seuss Day

Send us pictures of your Cat in the Hat eating their Green Eggs & Ham!

Candid Pics at School

Please use the following links to submit pictures by grade.

Pre-K Candids

Kindergarten Candids

2nd Grade Candids

3rd Grade Candids

4th Grade Candids

5th Grade Candids

1st Grade Candids

5th Grade Memory Lane

5th Grade Parents (and past teachers) take a trip down memory lane, and maybe get a box of tissues ... sniff....  We need pics of our big kids from their younger Withers years (Pre-K through 4th Grade).

Off Campus Withers Sports & Activities

Did your Withers Wildcat play sports with friends this school year? Did they go on a weekend camp out (or other activity) with fellow Wildcats? Through the YMCA or another organization?  If so, we want pics!  We've created a link for each grade-level, below.  Team/group pics and candids welcome!

Pre-K Sports & Activities

Kindergarten Sports & Activities

1st Grade Sports & Activities

3rd Grade Sports & Activities

4th Grade Sports & Activities

5th Grade Sports & Activities

2nd Grade Sports & Activities

Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts

Please send pics from any scouting events or meetings.

Garden Clean-up

Have pics from the Fall or Spring Clean-up?  We want them!

Paw Paw Palooza

Pics of kids eating their cupcakes and pizza from Paw Paw at home.  Photos of raffle baskets and winners!

Awards & Recognition