Welcome to the Withers PTA website. With over 400 students and counting, the PTA wants to help families, new and old, find all the information they need about our gem of a school. Keep an eye out for all the great things to come in the 2017-2018 school year.

If you have not yet joined the PTA, please plan to do so! Forms are available here. You can pay your membership dues by cash or check ($10 individual/$18 family).


Dallas ISD recently announced changes and enhancements to the overall volunteer experience. As of August 15, 2016, Dallas ISD Volunteer Services uses a volunteer management system called “VOLY.” This system is widely used in organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Some of the great advantages of VOLY are:
  • Easy campus check-in
  • Browse and sign-up for opportunities from anywhere
  • Self-Manage your own volunteer profile, including changing your school of choice or adding a school
  • No more printing out the “You Are Cleared” letter for the school office
  • Online volunteer orientation available
  • Mobile friendly application
Please click here to register now. Please click here to document all after school volunteer hours!  Ms. Cano currently can only report to the district the hours that are logged in during school hours.  By filling out this form we can show the district how much support our Withers community members provide outside of school hours!!  Any questions, please contact Ms. Cano. Donate to <span class=”no_translate”>Withers Elementary</span>   Click here for more information about donations to Withers.     Meeting Minutes 8-8-17 Meeting Minutes 9-5-17 Meeting Minutes 10-10-17 Meeting Minutes 11-14-17 Meeting Minutes 12-12-17 Meeting Minutes 1-9-18 Meeting Minutes 3-6-18]]>