FAQs Updated 10/4/20

What does my child need to bring to school?

Must be worn upon exiting the car and worn throughout the day. The only time masks can be removed is while eating or when safely social distanced by 6 feet. The school will have masks available for all students as well.

Face shields must be worn throughout the day while inside the building. They can be removed when the student is safely behind a plexiglass barrier. The school will provide face shields to all students with their names on them. Please remind your children to not share face masks or face shields with anyone else.

Fully charged iPad/Chromebook, earbuds/earphones, and charger.

Water fountains will not be functioning. The only source of drinking water will be the filtered water dispenser in the cafeteria. Students will need to be able to unscrew and fill their bottles independently.

In the interest of safety, if sending a lunch from home, please be sure your child can open and unwrap all items without assistance.


How does carpool work?

AM Drop-off:

Due to COVID-19 and the school’s re-entry program, there are no walkers allowed through the main entrance. The front doors to the school will not be open for students to walk through at any point during morning or afternoon drop off.

All students are dropped off at the school along Wonderland Trail. There are three (3) points of entry based on your grade and classroom location. Please see the below map for your specific drop off point.

Please make sure your child has their mask on prior to drop off. Once the kids enter the school, a school employee will take their temperatures and record them before they walk into the building. Once inside, Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, 3rd and 5th graders will go directly to their classrooms. The kids who are in the portables (2nd and 4th) will stage at the back-entry point until morning announcements are over.

Cars should enter the carpool lane from the North (back) side of the school on Alta Vista Lane and turn South onto the East side of the school (Wonderland Trail). A member of the staff will be at the door to ensure students enter the building and go to the correct place. Stay in your car and do not park in the carpool lane. If you need to assist a student carrying something into the school, alert the school employee who opens the car door. The doors to the school open at 7:15am.

For the safety of all students, please do not have children cross Wonderland Trail in the middle of the block. Please do not drop off children on Alta Vista on the backside of the school.  Students must enter the specific doors and cannot be dropped off at any other point.  Please respect the students arriving by bus: DO NOT ENTER, STOP OR PARK in the designated bus lane area in front of the school during the morning or afternoon carpool.


PM Pick-up:

Just as morning drop off, enter from Alta Vista to Wonderland Trail. It is not recommended that cars enter Alta Vista from Midway Road, so please enter from Cox Lane then turn East on Alta Vista before turning onto Wonderland Trail.

Students will start dismissal at 3:00 and will wait outside along Wonderland Trail with a school employee. Members of the staff will use walkie talkies to communicate to teachers the release of students. Parents will need to have their numbered carpool tag hanging from the rear-view mirror. Carpool tags are available in the front office.

This is a busy time of day. Please help to keep the line moving by doing the

  • Hang your tag on your rear-view mirror
  • Keep the line moving (do not park in the lane)
  • During loading, keep conversations with teachers to a minimum
  • Do not stop or get out of your vehicle to speak with teachers or administrators
  • Watch for pedestrians


It is against the law to use cell phones in school zones when school zone lights are flashing.

Do not park and walk across Wonderland Trail or Northaven except at crosswalks. Due to COVID-19, no one is allowed into the school except school employees and students.

Respect the students arriving by bus: DO NOT ENTER, STOP OR PARK in the designated bus lane area in front of the school during morning or afternoon carpool. Identified staff members will escort the bus riders and YMCA participants to the appropriate loading area.

For Walkers: Due to COVID-19, walkers are not allowed, and students will be picked up via car on Wonderland Trail.

For Transportation Changes: If your child is changing their method of transportation on a given day (i.e.: going home with another family that uses different transportation than you) please notify the office before 2:00 pm.

How do Spirit Days work?

On Fridays, children are allowed to wear a Wither’s T-Shirt instead of a uniform shirt. This can be a shirt from the Dad’s Club T-shirt sales or other Withers events. The rest of the uniform is still required for the day:

  • Boys must still wear belts, socks, and school-approved shoes.
  • Girls must still wear school approved socks, shoes, skirts, shorts, or pants.

What is the absentee/tardy policy?

Students need to be at school by 7:45 am.  Students arriving after 7:45 am will be considered tardy.  After three tardies, a notice will be sent home to the parent for signature. If the problem persists, the parent will be reported to the district.

Absences need to be followed by an excuse note within three (3) days after returning to school from the days the child missed. The note must include the date(s) of the absence, reason for missing, and a parent signature.  Excessive absences and tardiness may result in a court hearing and/or fines for the parents.

Extraordinary Circumstances:
If your child is going to be absent for religious reasons, please notify Mr. Hernandez in advance of the absence and provide a letter from your place of worship.

If your child has suffered illness or injury that will result in an absence greater than three (3) days (ie: chickenpox, appendix surgery), please notify Mr. Hernandez as soon as possible. He will work with the school nurse and counselor to help address health and academic concerns.

Please call Mr. Napthali Hernandez directly with all absentee and tardy concerns. His direct line is 972.794.5009.

Can I have lunch with my child?

Due to COVID-19, visitors during lunch are prohibited. The school will alert all parents when volunteers and visitors during lunch can resume.

Can I Bring Food to My Child’s Classroom?

To avoid unknowingly exposing students to food allergies, parents may not bring or send food items to school in celebration of birthdays. Food may be provided for the class parties, but those offerings will be coordinated through the room parent.

What is "Food for Thought"?

Food for Thought is a fundraising program the Withers PTA coordinates with local restaurants, stores, and gyms.  During these special, designated times, the hosts of these events will donate a portion of the sales or a charitable sum of money back to Withers via the PTA.  This is a fun way to help the school and show our spirit in the community. Please attend these events (wearing your school swag) and bring your friends and neighbors.  Make sure to let them know when you place your order that you are there for “Food for Thought” night for Withers.  Information about locations and dates will be provided in Purple Folders and PTA email blasts.

Does the school have a lost and found?

The Lost and Found is located on the hallway entrance to the cafeteria. This is the first place to look for missing garments, book bags and lunch boxes. If you have lost something more valuable, please check in the main office.

Student items can look a lot like other students’ items. Take the time to label everything. Label sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, lunch bags, and book bags with your child’s name and class.  Example: "Willie Wildcat, 2B".  If someone finds an item out on the playground or in the library, they can immediately return it to your child.